Triple Distilled Water - 1 Litre

The latest addition to our range of waters. This triple distilled water is batch made in laboratory glassware for applications requiring the highest purity levels. Water is distilled on day of dispatch for maximum freshness.

Please allow 2-3 days for delivery due to the bespoke nature and time required to manufacture


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Triple Distilled Water directly from the Manufacturer in 1 litre containers

Our Triple Distilled Water is made by laboratory glassware batch distillation to guarantee ultra-pure water.

The secret to our incredibly high purity lies in our 8-stage process:

Stage 1 and 2: Water is forced through Woven Particulate Filters to remove sediment down to 1 micron, followed by Activated Carbon Filtration

Stage 3: The water is then 'softened' with various ion exchange resins to remove the bulk of the magnesium and calcium ions that are responsible for making 'hard' water

Stage 4: The feed water is then forced through a reverse osmosis membrane at very high pressure to create a superior starting water which is already as low as 40ppm.

Stage 5: This feed water is then boiled and the resultant steam is cooled and collected in sealed tanks

Stage 6: The distillate is 'polished' with mixed bed ion exchange resins to sequester any remaining ions

Stage 7: The distilled water is transferred to borosilicate laboratory glassware and batch distilled manually at precise temperatures and collected in glass flasks.

Stage 8: This twice-distilled water is batch distilled manually a third time at precise temperatures and collected in clean, brand new food-grade 1 litre bottles ready to dispatch.

After you buy distilled water from us, it should be kept sealed since exposure to atmospheric carbon dioxide will affect its conductivity and pH. The distilled water should be stored away from direct sunlight and should be kept at temperatures of between 15-25 degrees C.