Pure Distilled Water from a Trusted UK Supplier

Our distilled water is of the highest quality and made using our own 6-step steam distillation process that we have constantly refined and improved upon since 2008. We guarantee the purity of our water by daily inhouse testing of dissolved solids, weekly photometer testing of nitrates/nitrites/phosphate/copper and other heavy metals as well as annual UKAS lab testing.

Our pure distilled water is ideal for a range of industries as well as home use. We are the trusted regular supplier of distilled water for hundreds of companies and thousands of home users.

Distilled water is the purest form of water available, making it ideal for a range of industries. Our distilled water is virtually free from minerals, salts and other contaminants such as heavy metals and pesticide residue, making it perfect for sensitive applications. Our distilled water is unique in that it is also UV sterilised to vastly reduce the number of bactieria and other microorganisms it may contain.

What is Distilled Water?

Distilled water is water that has had nearly all of its impurities removed through distillation. Distillation involves boiling the water until it only the pure water evaporates (leaving the impurities behind) and then condensing the pure steam back into a clean container - in our case, brand new food-grade HDPE containers.

How is Distilled Water made?

Our Distilled Water is made using one of our 3 large stainless steel distillers that run almost continuously. The "feed" water is filtered three times and deionised before entering the distillation machine tank. Upon entering the Distillers, the water is boiled and the steam is then cooled, collected, filtered a fourth time with deionisation resin, UV sterilised and finally bottled.


How Pure is Distilled Water?

Purity is dependent on many factors including the purity of the source water, ambient outdoor temperature etc. but we never exceed 2 parts-per-million. Our average purity is just 1ppm or better i.e. water that is 99.9999% pure. We have our own state-of-the-art calibrated testing devices - PPM meters and Photometers to perform our own regular inhouse testing for a wide range of impurities.


Do you use recycled bottles/drums?

Whilst this would reduce our costs, we do NOT use recycled containers. No matter how many times they have been washed out, there would be residue from the previous contents and even chlorine from the cleaning water! All of our bottles and drums are brand new, food-grade HDPE. This type of plastic can be recycled after use and does not contain the additive BPA (bisphenol A)


How should I store Distilled Water?

Distilled Water has the propensity to absorb Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere and will gradually become acidic over time if left in an open container. For this reason, Distilled Water should always be kept in sealed bottles/containers. Distilled water should not be stored in direct sunlight or temperatures above 25 degrees.

5 Litre Distilled Water

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Pure, Distilled Water - Now Available in 5 Litre Containers

IN STOCK NOW! Our 5 litre Distilled Water drum is economical, yet easy to carry and pour. Our 5 litre bottles have an integral handle and are designed to be easy to transport and store. The larger size makes them perfect for larger applications, while still being light enough to carry.

Each of our 5 litre distilled water bottles is equipped with a tamper-evident screw cap, making it easy to tell if the bottle has been opened. These food-grade HDPE containers are certified BPA-free.

Distilled water is the purest form of water available. Unlike filtered water, distilled water goes through a 6-stage process that removes impurities, sediment and minerals. As a result, it's far purer than any other type of water.

25 Litre Distilled Water

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IN STOCK NOW! Our 25 litre Distilled Water drum is the most economical way to purchase ultra pure distilled water from us. Perfect for jobs requiring large volumes such as research laboratories and industrial processes. The drum is made from food-grade HDPE and comes complete with a tamper-evident screw cap. For further savings, we can send the drums on a pallet to reduce packaging and delivery charges - Palletised delivery is available on quantities from 9 drums.

Buy 25 litre drums of distilled water directly from the manufacturer. We use our own proprietary 6-step method to ensure our water is of the highest quality and it undergoes UV sterilisation prior to bottling to further reduce potential bacteria. Our water is 100% steam distilled, not just filtered, deionised, or reverse osmosis water. After you buy distilled water from us, keep the drum sealed and away from sunlight, storing it between 15-25°c.