Here is the specification of our most recently analysed water:

Date sampled 05/03/2020

pH - 6.9

Electrical conductivity <2 uS/cm

Calcium (Ca) <0.09 mg/l

Potassium (K) <0.08 mg/l

Sodium (Na) <1 mg/l

Ammonia (N) <0.01 mg/l

Chloride (Cl) <1 mg/l

Fluoride (F) <0.1mg/l

Nitrate (NO3) <1 mg/l

Nitrite (NO2) <0.02 mg/l

Sulphate (SO4) <1 mg/l

Iron (Fe) <0.01 mg/l

Copper (Cu) <0.1 mg/l

Total dissolved solids (TDS) <1 mg/l (ppm)

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