5 Litre Distilled Water


Pure, Distilled Water - Now Available in 5 Litre Containers

IN STOCK NOW! Our 5 litre Distilled Water drum is economical, yet easy to carry and pour. Our 5 litre bottles have an integral handle and are designed to be easy to transport and store. The larger size makes them perfect for larger applications, while still being light enough to carry.

Each of our 5 litre distilled water bottles is equipped with a tamper-evident screw cap, making it easy to tell if the bottle has been opened. These food-grade HDPE containers are certified BPA-free.

Distilled water is the purest form of water available. Unlike filtered water, distilled water goes through a 6-stage process that removes impurities, sediment and minerals. As a result, it's far purer than any other type of water.


5 Litre Distilled Water

Buy Distilled Water directly from the Manufacturer in 5 litre containers

Stage 1 and 2: Advanced Filtration Our process begins by forcing the water through woven particulate filters, removing sediment down to 1 micron. Following this, activated carbon filtration eliminates chlorine and organic contaminants, ensuring a clean start.

Stage 3: Ion Exchange Softening Next, the water undergoes ion exchange softening. Various ion exchange resins are used to remove magnesium and calcium ions, which are responsible for hard water, resulting in a softer and more refined feed water.

Stage 4: Reverse Osmosis The softened water is then pushed through a reverse osmosis membrane at high pressure. This step significantly reduces the total dissolved solids, bringing the water quality to as low as 40ppm, creating a superior starting point for distillation.

Stage 5: Steam Distillation In this critical stage, the pre-treated water is boiled, and the resulting steam is collected and condensed in sealed tanks. This steam distillation process ensures the removal of all remaining impurities, producing exceptionally pure water.

Stage 6: Final Polishing Finally, the distilled water is polished with mixed bed ion exchange resins. This last step removes any remaining ions, ensuring the highest possible purity before packaging.

The finished distilled water is then placed into clean, brand-new, food-grade 5 litre bottles, ready for use.

We have been perfecting our water distillation process since 2008, continually advancing our technology with state-of-the-art stainless steel distilling machines. Unlike other companies that may pass off filtered water as distilled, our water is 100% distilled, not just filtered. Filtration, while useful, cannot match the impurity removal efficiency of distillation, often leaving impurities 20 times higher than in distilled water.

After purchasing our distilled water, it is important to keep it sealed to maintain its purity. Exposure to atmospheric carbon dioxide can affect its conductivity and pH. Store your distilled water away from direct sunlight and at temperatures between 15-25 degrees Celsius.

Our 5 litre drums of distilled water offer exceptional value for money, and their design ensures they are easy to store, carry, and pour. The tamper-evident cap provides added peace of mind, guaranteeing the integrity of your water from our facility to your hands.

Experience some of the purest water available with our 5 litre distilled water. Order now and enjoy the unparalleled quality of our ultra pure distilled water.

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Anil on  Dec 29, 2023

The best

Have use there water for years. Always arrive quickly and good quality

Brad on  Mar 20, 2023

Best Water

Quick and efficient delivery, and the water tastes great too

NM on  Feb 25, 2023

Lid was tight, but otherwise great!

I found the lid a bit difficult to remove, but can't fault the water ;-)

B P on  Feb 16, 2023

arrived next day

I ordered three of these at 1 o'clock and they were delivered the next day. Very happy with the delivery and packaging.

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