What can Distilled Water be used for?

Over the years, our Ultra Pure Distilled Water has been used for hundreds of diverse applications where a high purity, low conductivity water is required. We are sometimes surprised by some of the novel ways in which our water is used. Here are just a few of the most common applications:

Drinking: While tap water is generally safe for consumption, some individuals opt for distilled water, especially in areas with hard or contaminated water. It's also essential for those with specific health conditions that make them sensitive to minerals in regular water.

Cooking: Just as in the food industry, using distilled water in cooking at home can lead to better-tasting dishes, especially in recipes where water plays a crucial role, like in soups and broths.

Houseplants: Distilled water is often recommended for watering certain delicate houseplants such as carnivorous plants and orchids. The absence of chemicals ensures that plants aren't harmed and can grow in a more controlled environment.

Home Appliances: Devices like steam irons and humidifiers often recommend the use of distilled water. This prevents scale build-up and ensures the appliance runs efficiently for longer.

Car Batteries: Distilled water is used in lead-acid car batteries. Its purity ensures that the battery functions optimally, free from potential short circuits caused by mineral deposits.

Beauty and Cosmetics: Many spas use distilled water in treatments and for mixing products. Its pure nature ensures that skin and hair are not exposed to the harsh minerals found in regular water, resulting in better outcomes.

Food and Beverage Industry: Distilled water is often used in the preparation of certain food items and beverages, ensuring consistency in taste and texture. It's especially crucial in products where water quality can significantly impact the final taste, such as in brewing and distillery.

Aquariums: Businesses that deal with aquatic life, especially exotic fish, prefer distilled water. It allows them to create a controlled environment, free from harmful chemicals and contaminants.

Cooling Systems: Many industries, especially those that deal with machinery, utilise distilled water in their cooling systems. Its purity ensures that scales and residues, commonly associated with regular water, do not accumulate, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of the machinery.

Pharmaceuticals: The pharmaceutical industry, where precision is paramount, relies heavily on distilled water. It's used in the production of solutions and as a solvent, ensuring that the end products are uncontaminated and safe for consumption.

Laboratories: In research and analytical labs, experiments require controlled conditions. Distilled water, being free from impurities, provides a stable medium, ensuring that results are not tainted by external factors.