What can Distilled Water be used for?

Although distilled water can be consumed, it has an exceptionally bland taste and there are some concerns over eventual microbial and bacterial growth after months of storage as no chlorine (disinfectant) is present. Many soft drink companies use distilled water to which they add various other elements to increase the taste.

However, distilled water is principally used in light and heavy industry, research, science, hi-tech as well as in medicine and certain pharmaceuticals fields. Depending on its levels of purity, distilled water will be used in such varied tasks as the cooling of refrigerator systems, sterilisation of specialist equipment across a variety of applications including industrial and domestic irons, from car to heavy duty batteries, cooling down industrial saws used for cutting heavy metals as well as high precision accuracy laser cutting tools.

Distilled water is used very extensively in the metal plating industry at high levels of purity to ensure that the plating solution will go through very smoothly and no other deposits will be left on the target item. In addition to these fairly common applications, distilled water can turn up in some fairly unusual places. One of its less well known applications is in commercial shipping including nuclear powered naval vessels which can be at sea for months on end. Onboard these ships, water distillation equipment are in place that is among the most modern and powerful in the World. These systems are called upon to produce pure water for all the days to day needs of the ship and its crew from sea water. Depending on the circumstances distilled water produced on board these ships can be consumed and are known to reach levels of purity that with a few additions are pleasant to taste.

Distilled water can be used in aquariums, both domestic and commercial, where its lack of impurities is good for the fish and has been proven to increase their life spans considerably. Many commercial fish farms use distilled water in their tanks for the same reason.

In hospitals, homes for the elderly and even the private homes of the chronically sick where humidifiers are used to help people with breathing problems to keep a higher level of humidity in the air to prevent the physical discomforts of dry nose, throat and lips and skin. The very young, the elderly, and people suffering from lung diseases or respiratory allergies enjoy the benefits of living within a humidified atmosphere, and any form of humidifier will be best driven by pure condensed water.

Distilled water is perfect for humidifiers, steam generators and indeed any device which vaporises water and will eliminate costly scale build up.

For scientific and medical research purposes, distilled water use is common practice where water purity is essential because the risk of using untreated water is unjustified and will be liable to cause negative results over time and will cause difficulties for certain types of trace analysis. Finally, those who have been known to enjoy a good cigar now and again have distilled water to thank for its special taste. That’s because distilled water is used in the humidors that keep cigars sufficiently moist until the big day when they are enjoyed!