How should Distilled Water be Stored? – and Why?

Distilled water is very pure water, with a clean taste and no odour, and requires special treatment for storage. Because of its unique physical characteristics distilled water needs to be stored very carefully. Distilled water is liable to absorb carbon dioxide over time from the atmosphere which will increase the acidity of the water, eventually reaching pH levels as low as 4. Eventually, this level of acidity will preclude distilled water from being stored in any form of regular plastic, (PVC etc.).

Distilled water in small quantities can be stored in glass bottles or containers. We offer 250ml and 500ml amber glass bottles of distilled water, which have the added benefit of keeping UV light out and offering improved storage times.

For high bulk industrial storage purposes of storing distilled water there are a number of alternatives available each with their own pros and cons. Dependant on the level of purity required, the costs can vary radically from one option to another. In the last few years high density polyethylene (HDPE) tanks, drums and bottles, produced to strict 'food-grade quality' guidelines have become the number one alternative for storing distilled water in ideal conditions, over the long term and at reasonable cost. HDPE drums are guaranteed to provide high standards storage, which are strong enough to be totally resistant to most forms of impact, entirely corrosive proof and constructed in a one piece seamless method construction using food grade approved resin to ensure safe storage of distilled water.

*All of our distilled water is sold in HDPE containers*

Not only that, HDPE provides all of the conditions that are required for distilled water to be stored long term. That is limited exposure to light and UV rays and at a cool temperature. The issue of storing distilled water, which can be an expensive commodity, should be taken seriously to maintain this product in the most ideal of conditions.

Distilled water should be stored in a dark, tightly sealed container. It is important to keep distilled water away from light and air because these elements can cause impurities to form in the water that could be harmful if consumed. Due to its purity, distilled water is very sensitive to bacteria and dust. It should be stored in clean containers in order to maintain its purity.