We are passionate about the quality and purity of our distilled water and employ a rigorous testing process to ensure it meets the highest standards. One key aspect of our testing protocol is periodic laboratory testing, which is conducted by independent, UKAS accredited laboratories. These comprehensive tests are carried out at regular intervals, allowing us to closely monitor our distilled water's quality. The laboratory testing process involves a detailed analysis of our distilled water's chemical and microbiological properties to confirm its purity.

Testing Distilled Water

Hanna HI 991300 TDS Meter

In addition to periodic laboratory testing, we perform weekly in-house photometer testing to further ensure our distilled water's quality. This method involves the use of a sophisticated photometer that accurately measures the concentration of specific substances (copper, nitrates, nitrites, heavy metals, sulphates) in our distilled water. By analysing the light absorbed by the water sample, the photometer can detect the presence of any impurities or contaminants.

Furthermore, we utilise daily purity testing with a 'top of the range' Hanna HI991300 portable TDS and EC meter - a reliable tool for measuring the water's electrical conductivity.

By monitoring our distilled water's conductivity levels, we can detect even the slightest variations in purity, enabling us to promptly address any issues and maintain the highest quality standards for our customers.

The HI991300 boasts a resolution of:

pH - 0.01 pH

EC - 1 µS/cm

TDS - <1 ppm="" --1--="">

and automatic 2-point calibration.

5 Litre Distilled Water

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Pure, Distilled Water - Now Available in 5 Litre Containers

IN STOCK NOW! Our 5 litre Distilled Water drum is economical, yet easy to carry and pour. Our 5 litre bottles have an integral handle and are designed to be easy to transport and store. The larger size makes them perfect for larger applications, while still being light enough to carry.

Each of our 5 litre distilled water bottles is equipped with a tamper-evident screw cap, making it easy to tell if the bottle has been opened. These food-grade HDPE containers are certified BPA-free.

Distilled water is the purest form of water available. Unlike filtered water, distilled water goes through a 6-stage process that removes impurities, sediment and minerals. As a result, it's far purer than any other type of water.

25 Litre Distilled Water

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IN STOCK NOW! Our 25 litre Distilled Water drum is the most economical way to purchase ultra pure distilled water from us. Perfect for jobs requiring large volumes such as research laboratories and industrial processes. The drum is made from food-grade HDPE and comes complete with a tamper-evident screw cap. For further savings, we can send the drums on a pallet to reduce packaging and delivery charges - Palletised delivery is available on quantities from 9 drums.

Buy 25 litre drums of distilled water directly from the manufacturer. We use our own proprietary 6-step method to ensure our water is of the highest quality and it undergoes UV sterilisation prior to bottling to further reduce potential bacteria. Our water is 100% steam distilled, not just filtered, deionised, or reverse osmosis water. After you buy distilled water from us, keep the drum sealed and away from sunlight, storing it between 15-25°c.