1 Litre Distilled Water

IN STOCK NOW! This handy 1 Litre bottle size is perfect for regular home users as well as 'one-off' research and testing purposes.

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1 Litre Distilled Water

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Our 1 Litre Distilled Water is genuinely made by steam distillation to guarantee ultra-pure water. The secret to our very high purity water lies in our 6-stage process:

Stage 1 and 2: Water is forced through Woven Particulate Filters to remove sediment down to 0.5 micron, followed by Activated Carbon Filtration to remove Chlorine and volatile compounds.

Stage 3: This water is then 'softened' with mixed-bed ion exchange resins to remove the bulk of the calcium and magnesium ions that are responsible for making water 'hard'

Stage 4: The feed water is then forced through a reverse osmosis membrane at very high pressure to create a superior starting water which is already as low as 40ppm.

Stage 5: The feed water is then boiled and the resultant steam is cooled and collected in sealed tanks

Stage 6: The distillate is 'polished' with mixed bed ion exchange resins to sequester any remaining ions

The finished water is placed into brand new, clean, food-grade 1 litre bottles.

We have been distilling water since 2008 and have improved on existing technologies to create our own advanced stainless steel distilling machines.

Our water is 100% distilled and not just filtered as we have seen being passed off by some other companies. The impurities of filtered water can be over 20 times higher than that of distilled water as filtration is a different technique to distillation and is considered an inferior practice that does not remove the dissolved impurities.

After you buy distilled water from us, it should be kept sealed since exposure to atmospheric carbon dioxide will affect its conductivity and pH. The distilled water should be stored away from direct sunlight and be kept at temperatures of between 15-25 degrees C.

Our 1 litre bottles of distilled water represent better value for frequent home users and can be used for e-cigarettes, steam mops and irons, cigar humidors, making colloidal silver etc.